2013 Awards Night

Tiger of the year 2013Billy Neal-2013 Tiger of the Year

The 2013 Presentation night was a great success. With close to 110 people attending there was fun had by all. Many Awards were given out and the lists are below-

Club Awards


Presidents Award- Brooke Walker

Clubpersons of the year- Jay and Sally Edwards

Tiger of the year- Billy Neal

Oldboys Player of the year- Clint Day

Life Membership- Billy Hall and Phil Rooney


Ladies Awards

Ticker Award- Maria Rawira

Miss Versatile-Rhiannon Devine

Rookie of the year- Amy O’Laughlin

Greatest Gains- Julie Murchie

Coaches Award- Amy O’Laughlin

Players Player- Laura Richards

Best Back- Emma Holzwart

Best Forward- Karissa Deakin


Mens Awards for 2013

Honoarary Player 10 years- Ray Downie, Luke Wren, Joe Mahony.

Step up Awards- Josh Johnston, Sebastian Stiegler, Koby Scott, Connor Jones.

Mr Versatile- Jake Madsen

Ticker Award- Kyle Mattingley

Best Back- Whetu Austin

Best Foward- Griffin Freeman

Players Player- Billy Neal

Rookie of the year-Connor Jones

Coaches Award- Henry Watkins

Most Tackles- 423 Kyle Mattingley
Most Hitups- 140 Billy Neal
Most Tries- 18 Whetu Austin
Most Points- 82 Ray Ebsworth

Player Incentive Reward-
1st James Powlton $750
2nd Ray Downie, Dale Mikkelsen, Kyle Mattingley $250 each