Tigers set season at Camp Tiger

12794381_1046728018719984_9126566009915556641_n4th of March saw the Tigers hit Camp Fairbairn for another Camp Tiger. Friday night was all in the classroom with Speakers Cam Stallard(social media, judiciary, code of conduct), Jay Edwards(setting the Tiger standards-The six P’s), Brooke Walker/Terri Weatherley(Onfield care of injuries), Brett Weatherley/Ray Ebsworth(A Grade Season ahead).

We then headed out for a few beers and some good stories. Maybe a little to long as it wasn’t long after heading to bed that the boys were up again 5.30am with an hour long physical session ahead of them. After Breaky the lads headed out to do a high ropes course. With a few members(no names) afiad of hiegths it was a good tester and the support from everyone get them through. To finish of the session their was a huge flying fox to conquer with 90% of the lads getting through.

Last session of the day was the raft building. The challenge was build a raft out of a couple canoe’s, rope, board and poles. The raft must carry 5 people and race around a set course. The winners were the first back. After the winners were named the next race was the “Pirates Challenge” which now you can attack the other rafts(check the gallery in coming weeks for photo’s).

Big Thanks to Camp Fairbairn and Troy Jenkins for the weekend. Tigers would encourage any other sporting clubs to take advantage of Camp Fairbairn as it has all you needs at hand.