Rd 2 vs Dysart Bulls- Hicks Memorial Shield

hicks memo 13

Tigers joined the winners circle for the first time this year with a 54-36 win over Dysart Bulls. The score doesn’t do the game justice. At multiple stages Dysart lead the Tigers and got out to an early 3 try lead.

The game didn’t start as planned with Hickey Oval experiencing electrical problems causing the power to the whole complex to short over and over again. But in the end the game got away about 8.30pm. Dysart hit early showing lots of passion for the trophy at stake. The scored a couple quick tries through offloads from their big men up front. After about 15mins the Tigers finaly kicked into gear which saw them lead at halftime 24-18.

Tigers had another lapse straight after the break and Dysart skipped out to a 12 point lead after the Bulls capitlised on a couple of Emerald’s mistakes.10mins into the second half the Tigers finally gained some composure and ran away with the match. Dysart fought extremely hard till the final minute. With this win the Tigers retain the Hicks Memorial Shield for the 2nd time out of 3 atttempts.

Emerald Tigers 54
(Tries M.Langby,J.Priddle 2 R.Ebsworth, K.Pearce,S.Parsons,H.Watkins,D.Mikkelsen 1-Goals R.Ebsworth 8 from 8 M.Langby 1 from 1)

Def Dysart Bulls 36
(Tries Phil Derksen 2, Logan Sullivan,Stevie Dennis,Issaac Marson,Hayden Reid 1 Goals 6 from 6)

3,2,1 Man of the Match Awards
3 Points= Ray Ebsworth and Joe Mahony
2 Points Henry Watkins
1 Point Karrnunny Pearce

Top Stats
Top Tacklers-Henry Watkins 19, Jared Chiesa 17, Ray Downie 14
Top Hitups- Ray Ebsworth 16, Joe Mahony 10, Peter Harbord 9