Family Representitves

Family members to wear the mighty tigers jersey(seniors)

Father and Son(played in same match together)

Mick-Ryan Foley, Joe Jnr-Joe Snr Taylor, Clarke-Logan Tipene

Siblings to play in same match together

Mitch-Brock Heumiller, Fabian-Nathan-Spencer Parsons, Kane-Clint Day, Blake-Blair Rooney, Kyle-Cam Mattingley,

Family Members to Represent Tigers Seniors All Time

Hector-Brock-Mitch Heumiller, Wayne-Fabian-Spencer-Nathan Parsons, Trent-Troy McAndrew, Phil-Blake-Blair Rooney, Clint-Kane Day-Jamie Priddle, Henry-Casey Watkins, Alan-Mal-Jeff Mann, Ray-Paul Downie,

Partners to Represent the Tigers

Brett-Terri Weatherly, Ray Ebsworth-Miranda Bartley, Matthew Rowe-Rhiannon Devine,

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