Bob Love Clubhouse

bob-lovehouseWhere it all began… and the man behind it.

Robert Stuart Love(Bob) 26/3/42 to 10/12/2010

Bob moved from Brisbane on transfer with Telecom Australia in the early sixties,where he then worked at the Emerald Exchange for many years.

His love and interest in Rugby League drew him to improving and helping the Emerald district immensely.

Over many years, he acquired the football field from the then Mayor,seeded and watered it and negotiated further still and had lights installed, acquired a clock for timing of football games.The clock has since been removed. Much of his own time was spent to achieve his wish. Chook raffles were held in the local pub each week to raise the money required to have all of this accomplished. Goods, Food, Drinks and other items were required for the game and were brought in by train from Rockhampton. Emerald Carrying Co.(Tigers longest and most loyal sponsor) were a great help to Bob. Mr Rundle donated the Clock.

The “Bob Love Clubhouse” was built from donations of money time and supplies from local businessman, officials and locals in general. But most of all this clubhouse was a by product of Bob’s great work here in Emerald.

Sadly, Bob is no longer with us as he lost his battle with stomach cancer in 2010 at the age of 68.

The Tigers and the local Rugby League community are very thankful Bob was transferred to Emerald and wish the Lorrie and the Love family all the best in the future.